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ECHOES OF US release giveaway!

I’ve been interested in photography for a while now, and I was really excited these past few months to get to work with vlcphoto on some shoots. In particular, we did a series of Hybrid Chronicles themed photos with two lovely models to play Eva/Addie and Ryan/Devon.

I’ll be releasing a new photograph or two (and accompanying quote from ECHOES OF US!) every Friday and Monday until we run out ;) Help me celebrate by re-blogging and I’ll enter you into the contest to win:


- 1 signed copy of WHAT’S LEFT OF ME (book 1)

- 1 signed copy of ONCE WE WERE (book 2)

- 1 signed ARC of ECHOES OF US (book 3) 

I wanted to give you guys options so new readers can win whichever book in the series they need. 

I’ll choose a winner at the end of each week and message you.

Everyone go check out vlcphoto's other work! She was really awesome to take these pictures <3 (Thanks, Vania! And huge thanks to Meredith and Brandon for modeling for us)

If you’re looking for the other pics in the series, here’s the link to Pic #1

And here’s the link to Pic #2

You can reblog them to enter, as well!

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You can now pre-order the Limited Edition of THE BODY ELECTRIC! 

There are thirty extra pages of content in this book, including:

  • a map
  • author interview
  • short story
  • a history of the future world
  • and more!

Additionally, every copy will be shipped with a packet of art cards featuring brand new, exclusive art from three different artists depicting the characters and scenes from both this book and the Across the Universe books. And every copy will include a coupon code for a free electronic version of the book available on nearly any e-reader, via Smashwords.

The special edition will be signed and numbered, and only 300 will ever be on sale. So get one while you can for only $14.99, shipping internationally! Meanwhile, you can also enter this giveaway for one free copy.

I already claimed one of these. The rest of you better move fast before I TAKE ALL OF THEM. 

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if you keep reblogging celebs dumping water all over themselves, even if you’re not, please watch this. please please please watch this.

I wasn’t sure where this was going at first, but then it made me cry.

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Out Of Sight, Out of Mind: Why White Moms Need to Care About Murdered Black Children


Maybe it’s not “your” husband, father, or son, but I’m pretty sure the mothers and wives of the officers who killed Oscar Grant, Sean Bell, Eric Garner, John Crawford, and Mike Brown felt the same way. I’m sure that the woman who raised Theodore Wafer, who murdered Renisha McBride,  didn’t think she was raising a murder. I’m sure just like you they taught them to be kind to all people and to be upstanding citizens. I’m sure they didn’t talk about race because hey it’s not that big of a deal anymore, right?

Wrong! To start raising your children to be color-blind is insulting. There is no shame in being a person of color, and saying that you don’t see my color means you don’t really see me. You don’t see my history. You don’t see my culture. You don’t see the daily struggles that my skin color causes. You’re not helping me. Honestly you’re helping yourself when you say you don’t see color. It means you don’t have to acknowledge the privileges that your skin color affords you. It’s easier to parent this way because then you don’t have to teach your children about racism. You aren’t forced to have hard conversations.

It also means that your children grow up never truly seeing their privilege, and seeing no reason to fight against systematic/institutional racism. It means that the only things they learn about race come from the biased media (ie television and movies).

One of the major reasons #WeNeedDiverseBooks is to help white parents and kids have the kinds of conversations Danielle is talking about here. The most important reason is for kids of color to see themselves, but that “window” audience is important for the reasons she goes into here.

It’s also why we need more and better representation than six different characters played by Will Smith.

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